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Guide Miya Mobile Legends : EASY SAVAGE


in mobile legends a lot of heroes, one of them miya. miya very in love because this hero is very easy to use. below is the easiest build for savage using miya

Turbo (Passive): Each times you hit an enemies with your basics skills you can increase your attack speed by 4% and can stack up to 10 times. | This passive is what you have to keep in mind because this will help you a lot.

Fission Shots: Each Basic attacks will split into two arrows, dealing a 10 points of damages to main target and 30% basic damage to the other target. Lasts 4s. | Only use this skill in laning if necessary if you have to clear the wave faster or in taking down a tower faster .In team fights .. Be sure to position yourself in a good place where you attack three enemies with this skill.

Rain of Arrow: Shoots a barrages of arrows to area, dealing 50 damages each hits. it will slow the enemies and after 4 hits the enemies will be frozen 1s. | This skill is pretty good to take advantage of an enemy. In early game use this to make the enemy hero lose their position because in over 4 ticks it freezes the enemy and by leaving the rain of arrows they will also lose precious time moving away while you attack them. In team fights be sure to use it where most of the enemy heroes are being hit to either slow or freeze them.

Turbo Stealth: Used to remove all movement impairing effects and become invisible for 1 sec also raised your attack speed for 35% in 6s and raised movement speed for you and nearby allies for 45% in 2.5s. | This skill is what makes Miya the best marksman because with this you wouldn’t wanna get fury or purify because by using it you will increase. Attack speed and movement speed. Use this skill in escaping or getting a good position in team fights


This is comes in your initial diversion with your assault speed increment inactive

This thing will give you assault speed and development and the most accommodating of all basic harm. With the two things joined it will without a doubt place you in advantageblade-of-destruction

For more basic assaults. You will claim any path with this alongside the things above early diversion.

I know a few people don’t twofold thing normally however this thing will help your basic possibility , assault speed and development speed.

To blast your harm. This will infiltrate guards of tanks or any saints.


Arrangements an additional 10% harm to an adversary in any irregular state (dazed, thumped airborne, changed, debilitated).

This thing obliges your abilities in view of its latent. A smidgen of second ability with the moderate or stop working basic harm and assault speed set up you will in a flash kill a foe in 1v1.